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Vinc Pichel

Vinc Pichel

Career Accomplishments

  • UFC Fighter & American Mixed Martial Artist

“I will be the first to admit that there are times when I feel too worn out to train. I used to reach for another company’s pack of vitamins. You know, the ones that look like horse pills and taste even worse. But since I first tried Life Shotz, I’ve thrown those other vitamins away. No more choking down disgusting supplements. I just add a packet of Life Shotz to my water and get everything I need for the day in a great-tasting drink.

Plus, thanks to Life Shotz, I have the right mood, focus, and energy level to train multiple times a day without feeling like I want to fall asleep during that mid-day lull. Simply put, I believe so strongly in how Life Shotz has benefited my overall health and well-being that if I forget my daily packet at home or in the car, I always rush back to grab it.‚Äč”

About Vinc Pichel

Mixed martial arts:

  • An American mixed martial artist.
  • Current Streak: 6 Wins
  • Pichel has gone undefeated in all six of his professional fights, finishing all six of his opponents by knockout or TKO.

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