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Tony Dawson

Tony Dawson

Career Accomplishments

  • Tennis Professional

“I am a former tennis touring professional and have been competing again in the past few years both nationally and internationally in Senior Tennis events. Over these years, I have tried several products that would give me the stamina to last long matches and competitive matches over several days. Thirty days ago, I used Life Shotz as a trial and I am amazed at the results that occurred in a very short period of time. Recently, I played two long matches in the same day, and after playing five hours in the Texas heat, I found I had the same amount of energy at the end of the event as I had at the beginning.

Additionally, I would normally be extremely stiff and sore for a number of days, and I am happy to report that the soreness was gone after two days … I am now convinced that Life Shotz was the difference and will continue to use it as I head into a busy tennis season. Thank you for exposing me to this new miracle, and I look forward to continued improvements in my overall fitness!”

About Tony Dawson

  • 2013 Captain of the U.S. Senior World Team Cup (in Portschach, Austria September 2013)
  • 2013 Men’s 60’s Hard Court Singles and Doubles Champion
  • 2012 Men’s 60’s Indoor Singles and Doubles Champion
  • 2012 Men’s U.S. Senior World Team Cup Champion
  • 2012 Men’s 60’s Hard Court Doubles Champion
  • 2011 Men’s U.S. World Cup Team Champion
  • 2010 Won Senior’s Grass Court title and Hard Court Title
  • 1975 Played at the Australian Open
  • 1974 Played at Wimbledon and the Australian Open
  • 1970-1973 Played tennis for Oklahoma City University
  • 1968 Played at the Australian Open and Top 10 Final ranking in Boys 18U

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