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KPat Poore

Pat Poore

Career Accomplishments

  • Assistant Football Coach at University of Minnesota

"I first would like to introduce myself. My name is Pat Poore. 

I am the Running Backs coach and Co Special teams Coordinator at the University of Minnesota. As a collegiate Football coach you have to bring energy everyday to everything you do pretty much year round. I am 3-4 Weeks into using Life Shotz and can endorse the fact it works. I am 54 years old and have just finished a 6 month season, in which our head coach retired due to health issues mid-season. This grinding month-long recruiting season, I feel healthier, sharper mentally and more energized than I have in years.

Coaching for me is not a job but rather a lifestyle. I can already feel a commitment to your product being a part of my lifestyle. I'm so thankful that a former College teammate came to an away game of ours at Colorado State. I had not seen him in about 20 years and commented to him that I would recruit him as he still looked like he could play. That's when he told me about Life Shotz and sent me an Intro Pack at the conclusion of our season. I am looking forward to reaching my health goals and going into Spring practice at my best, energy and sharpness wise."

This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement and is not any indication that any staff member or athlete in his organization is using or endorsing Life Shotz.

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