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Kristyn Tobey

Kristyn Tobey

Career Accomplishments

  • Ironman Triathlete
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

“As a Professional Ironman Triathlete and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am very selective about the food and supplements I personally use and recommend to my clients.

I eat protein shakes every day to fuel and recover from my workouts and have personally tried over twenty different brands. When I scrutinized the ingredients in VIBE, I was impressed. It has a potent green vegetable blend, a high quality B12 vitamin, low amount of carbohydrates and no dairy, gluten or grains.

I wanted the vitamins and minerals of Life Shotz and VIBE in my body and was pleasantly surprised that they taste better and have more nutrition than the other shakes and vitamins I have used. I feel like I am having a treat after each workout. I crave them both!

After two weeks of eating VIBE and Life Shotz, I felt … a shift. Faster pace on my runs. Less fatigue. Quicker recovery.

Most importantly, I was able to get this into my body in a quick and effective way. My clients tell me they “don’t have time” to feed themselves nutritious food. Not anymore! Grab a shaker bottle. Add some cold water. And you are good to go!”

This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement and is not any indication that any staff member or athlete in his organization is using or endorsing Life Shotz.

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