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Jeanne McNulty-King

Jeanne McNulty-King

Career Accomplishments

  • President And CEO of 2X Inc.
  • Former Coach and Professional Basketball Player

“As a lifelong athlete, coach and agent, staying healthy and fit has always been a top priority for me. Admittedly, I’ve tried just about every health fad and supplement out there and honestly have never noticed a difference.

When I started taking Life Shotz and VIBE, the change was amazing. I have more energy and feel fantastic. I don’t crave junk food and have way more endurance. I even dropped ten pounds without trying! Life Shotz and VIBE made such an amazing impact on my life that I started introducing them to my athletes.

Every single athlete has loved the products and noticed a major change in their workouts. More endurance, more energy and an overall increase in well-being is the feedback I hear most.

Life Shotz and VIBE are easy to take, conveniently packaged, have no stimulants and taste great! When packing for a trip, they are the first things I put out so they are not forgotten! Thank you Life Shotz and Richard Brooke for introducing these amazing products to my athletes and me.‚Äč”

About Jeanne McNulty-King

  • President and CEO of 2X Inc., a full service sports agency specializing in the representation of female athletes
  • FIBA & WNBA licensed agent, has negotiated some of the largest female contracts in the world
  • Played college basketball at the University of Montana from 1985-1990 and made it to the national tournament four times
  • Played professional basketball in Australia

This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement and is not any indication that any staff member or athlete in his organization is using or endorsing Life Shotz.

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