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Jason Schoonover

Jason Schoonover

Career Accomplishments

  • Senior Designer, Treyarch: The Makers Of Call Of Duty Black Ops. The Best-Selling Game Of All Time.

“After just a few days taking Life Shotz I could feel the improvement in my energy level and mental clarity. I’ve been able to get away from caffeine and just feel great. In my position I’m under a lot of pressure to produce incredible designs in all my work. My work day averages 12 hours each day. Life Shotz has definitely helped me feel great throughout the day. I never miss my daily dose. Many of my Black Ops team members have joined me in a daily shot.”

Call Of DutyCall Of Duty

About Call of Duty Black Ops

  • Set a 5-day launch record of $650 Million in worldwide revenues
  • Won International 3d Society "Lumiere Award" for Best 3D Game
  • Nominated for "Game Of The Year" at the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards

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