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Grant Haney

Grant Haney

Career Accomplishments

  • Golf Professional

“I have been playing competitive golf as long as I can remember. A round of golf can take up to four hours to play or even five hours when it is a competitive round. It is easy to lose concentration or energy after being on the golf course so long. My first experience using Life Shotz happened on a practice round at the course I play.

I finished the front nine feeling tired and lethargic. I decided to try a packet of Life Shotz on the back nine. I proceeded to shoot three under par on the back nine and felt full of energy.

The best part was there was no sense of a come down when I went home that evening. With those results, I took a Life Shotz before my next two tournaments. Needless to say, I shot under par, finishing tied for first and a solo third place finish.

I was sold on Life Shotz from that point forward. I use Life Shotz now and share my experience with others. Thank you, Life Shotz!‚Äč”

This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement and is not any indication that any staff member or athlete in his organization is using or endorsing Life Shotz.

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