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Dennis Ralston

Dennis Ralston

Career Accomplishments

  • WCT Champions Tour Player

“I was playing a tennis match a couple of months ago in San Antonio, it was really one of the first tournaments that I played in a long time. We were in the second set, which we lost, and I went to sit down and felt exhausted. So, I thought well, I’ll try one of those Life Shotz.

I downed it with cold water and literally, instantly almost, I felt refreshed, I felt recovered, and I know that’s not the case for everybody, but for me it worked right away. I got energy again, and the amazing thing is I felt really well for the next round, which fortunately we won, but I haven’t played three matches in a row in 40 years, so the recovery part was very impressive too.

As you get older it’s harder to lose those extra pounds, and I didn’t do anything for three years. I was kinda laid up with injuries. I gained some weight and I tried some different products, and looked at them, and the VIBE has all good natural stuff. It has 20 grams of protein, it’s basically a meal replacement system.

So, I’m excited about using VIBE and I know it’s helping me already, and it kills the cravings for the stuff that’s not good for you. I think that’s important in athletics, but even in every day life. If your energy is there and you’re eating the right kind of food you’re gonna feel better and you’re going to perform better.”

About Dennis Ralston

  • Won NCAA championships
  • Highest-Ranked American player in the 1960’s for three consecutive years
  • Coach to stars including Chris Evert and Gabriela Sabatini
  • Inducted into International Tennis Hall of Fame
  • Adult Tennis Camps at the Broadmoor Resort

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