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Courtney Schwagler

Courtney Schwagler

Career Accomplishments

  • Ironman
  • Triathlete
  • Registered Dietitian

“As a competitive athlete, you are only as good as your last workout. When training for an Ironman (or for the game of life) being sick, tired, fatigued or injured is not an option. While this is not entirely avoidable, I believe Life Shotz and VIBE have been the x-factor for my training and competing. Excessive exercise naturally depletes your immune system. Re-fueling post workout with Life Shotz and VIBE is not just a part of my regimen, it is essential!

At Life Shotz, we believe ‘Your future self will thank you’. I know from experience, this is a true statement and my future self thanks me daily.‚Äč”

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