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Bruce Gordon

Bruce Gordon

Career Accomplishments

  • Swam 18.5 Miles Across Lake Coeur d’Alene

“I am not a ‘nutrition fanatic,’ just the everyday person who happens to be able to swim for long distances. I never gave nutrition much thought, but as I aged I found that I seemed to have higher highs and lower lows. My mood would swing so much that it became noticeable to my friends, family, and coworkers.

In 2010, I was introduced to Life Shotz through a friend who biked with me. I recovered faster after a ride and was pretty blown away. With Life Shotz, my mood swings became much less dramatic and I felt more even-tempered throughout my day. I became an advocate of Life Shotz, both when training and not training.

When I wasn’t training, my morning routine of Life Shotz with a tablespoon of chia curbed my appetite enough so that I could maintain the right weight.

However, 11 months ago all of my training came to an abrupt halt. Over many doctor’s visits (5 different doctors), which included X-rays, MRIs, prodding, pulling, and poking, it was concluded that I tore the labrum in my hip. The doctor told me that former athletes were the worst patients for this surgery, as the best way to heal 100% was to do nothing! I decided for once to listen to my orthopedic surgeon and follow the prescribed treatment before and after the surgery.

One of the reasons I like to swim long distances (and road bike) is because I love food; in fact, salt, sugar and fat are my favorite ingredients. If I’m working out a lot I can sneak these things in. But because of my lack of activity over the last 11 months, I started to gain weight.

Richard sent me some VIBE and suggested I try it out. I was impressed to say the least.

I found that if I had 1 scoop of VIBE in the a.m. (I used organic non-fat milk), I did not get ANY cravings for sweets for the rest of the day. I also found that my weight stabilized, and I even started to lose a couple of pounds slowly over a couple of weeks. If I added an evening “walk” 3 to 4 days a week and a scoop at lunch, I lost weight without any issues at all.

I love this stuff! It has allowed me to break habits (eating too much for breakfast - 40 years of this!). I used to wake up hungry, now I can have some hot tea and then VIBE and I am fine until lunch. Now when I eat, I eat less and I do not crave processed food at all. The other night I only ate half of a bacon cheeseburger (I told you what my favorite foods were).”

This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement and is not any indication that any staff member or athlete in his organization is using or endorsing Life Shotz.

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