Richard and Kimmy Brooke

Richard and Kimmy Brooke


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Great leadership is the foundation for a great company. Find out why we are who we are by getting to know our incredible owners. Hear their story and prepare to be inspired.

Richard Brooke

CVO, Owner

The cliché is “pushing the envelope.” Richard Brooke does it daily. A boldness to see beyond commonly accepted boundaries has been his signature since he entered the MLM world in 1977. He innovated, shattered assumed limitations and rocketed to the top. But that's not the only reason he’s on the Direct Selling Association’s Board of Directors.

His commitment to integrity and leadership without muddying decisions with his own business interests is renowned throughout the industry. As the mastermind behind Life Matters (and its 100-year business plan), Richard is set to give Network Marketing a facelift nobody knew it needed. Again.

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Kimmy Brooke

Advisory Board Member, Owner

As a single parent to her daughter, Hailey, Kimmy knew she needed a change so she could stop working long hours day after day and start spending more time as a family. Not only was she sick of other people raising her daughter, but she was also struggling financially and sinking further and further into debt. It was through Network Marketing that she found her path to financial freedom and has never looked back.

With her very own four year career, she built a network of more than 17,000 people. As part of the Life Matters Tribe, she loves helping people build their dreams.

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